Beechcraft Bonanza Training

The Beechcraft Bonanza is an ageless aircraft. When it was first introduced in 1947 it was the single engine private aircraft to have. That hasn’t really changed over the years. Even with all the new competition out there, the Bonanza has evolved to new technology without changing its style, or stature in the market. It has had many nick names over the years, but to me, it is the Mercedes of general aviation. It is comfortable, fast, and most of all, a real pleasure to fly. However, it is a complex, high performance aircraft with its own characteristics. To be able to enjoy this aircraft to its fullest, and to increase your safety in a Bonanza it is always wise to get training from an instructor who knows the Bonanza and all the tricks to flying it. You will often find that if you purchase a Bonanza, insurance companies will want you to fly with an instructor for at least 10 hours. This is a chance to find an instructor who can not just sit there and ensure your safety, but find a Bonanza instructor, and enhance your experience, passing on their passion and knowledge for the aircraft, allowing you to fly your aircraft safely, efficiently and to its maximum potential.

I was lucky enough to grow up with a Bonanza in the family. It was a 1973 V35B. I have flown the aircraft all over Europe, taking in the views, culture, and feeling so lucky to be in the type of aircraft I was in. Since moving to the USA, I have kept up my Bonanza flying through friends in the Bonanza community, and also training new Bonanza owners. In 2009, 2010, 2012. I was part of the Bonanza to Oshkosh flight. We flew from my home, Portland OR, in a flight of 3 Bonanza’s to Rockford IL, and joined with a formation of other Bonanza’s. In 2009 we had the largest formation to date. 137 Bonanza’s and pilots all together. We all landed at Oshkosh within 18 minutes. The Bonanza flight all camp together at the air show enjoying BBQ’s, parties and the common ground of loving the Bonanza.

If you have a Bonanza, or are considering buying one, please contact me with any questions. I can offer you basic training in the aircraft, enhanced training, flight reviews, delivery of an aircraft, and answers to any queries. I am not a dealer, but do keep a watchful eye on the market. In the not too distant future, I will hopefully own one too.

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